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We provide a variety of Osprey research and nest management and protection services including:
  • Wildlife Agency Consultation, Coordination and Permitting
  • Nest Exclusion and Relocation Services and Products
  • Patented Nest Excluder Products for Cell Towers, Power Poles, Light Poles, etc.,
  • Site Specific Nest Management Plans
  • Engineer stamped Osprey Nest Platform Designs
  • Osprey Nest Population and Productivity Surveys

Osprey Solutions, LLC provides expedited nest management services to minimize risks associated with Osprey nests on power poles, light poles, cell towers, bridges and industrial equipment. Our nest management strategy is based on the concept of coexistence, using effective, non-lethal, nest excluder devices to prevent nesting attempts on undesirable structures to ensure bird protection and reliability of industry operations while simultaneously accommodating the nesting birds by providing a suitable, alternative nesting platform nearby.


Contact us to develop a site-specific solution tailored to your infrastructure and landscape.    

Effects of Aquatic Contaminants on Osprey Nesting Populations

Contaminant Research

Nest Management on Power Poles  

SCL Hamm Cr Project.jpg
Nest Management on Outdoor Sports Lights
Nest Management on Cell Towers

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