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Osprey Solutions LLC provides reliable, science-based nest management services and nest excluder products for cell towers, power poles, light poles, channel markers, and chimneys. 

Building on 38 years of field research and nest management experience, our staff has developed state-of-the-art, cost-effective procedures and products to eliminate negative human-wildlife interactions associated with Osprey use of infrastructure for nesting.

Our patented Universal Raptor Nest Deterrent is one of the most requested anti-nesting devices by major telecommunication, utility, and outdoor sports lighting companies in North America. The retractable 9-foot wide “umbrella-like” device eliminates nest-caused outages and raptor electrocutions on power poles, tower access restrictions at cell towers, and injury from sticks falling from nests built on  sports lights. We also offer complete nest relocation services for problem nests, including obtaining nest removal permits, nest removal, and installing safe, alternate nest platform if desired.  

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